A Look Into My Life

It’s the middle of March, the year is almost finished and the light at the end of the tunnel is finally visible. But that means work is starting to pile up as final assignments and exams start claiming the lives of victims.

My group members and I are in the midst of putting all of our information together to finalize our research project we have been working on since the start of the semester. Our professor gave us the entire semester to work on this research report from start to finish and we will actually pitch our idea to the organization involved. It has been a crazy road to get here, but it has been such an informative experience and is something I can now add to my portfolio as a sample writing piece for potential employers. Our final report is extremely lengthy as there are many steps of a final research plan, but planning ahead the work was divided evenly between team members and work was completed accordingly. My favourite part of this experience was conducting the survey through surveymonkey.com and analyzing the results. You get to compare your predictions to actual results to see how far off you were.

Our corporate communications seminar class requires students to break into teams and plan and host a communications-related event for staff, students, and whomever they wish to attend. My group has established an event theme of how international relations challenges your role as a communicator and we have found a guest speaker to come in and share his experiences working with international companies and international campaigns. It’s been quite difficult planning this event as there are many, many little details one would not think of when hosting an event, but it has been a great experience and is also something to document in your portfolio and discuss with potential employers. We are currently trying to obtain sponsorship for the event as it is paid for out of pocket by the team hosting the event. As this is my first time requesting sponsorship, I find it a little uncomfortable to request donations from our selected companies. But, it’s all a learning experience and I guess I should get used to it!

On top of this, we are still looking for possible co-op placements and attending interviews when contacted by employers. As you can imagine, it is pretty stressful trying to secure a co-op while balancing the busy semester. My advice to you, if you’re looking to complete a post-graduate program with a co-op, schedule your work in advance to avoid scrambling and although it’s difficult, try to stay calm during your job search! Just as I tell myself, the right opportunity will come along and all your searching and waiting will be worth it 🙂


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