Managing your time

Exam season is quickly approaching and that means stress levels are about to skyrocket! Having survived eight exam seasons during my undergrad (two each year), I like to think I have some valuable pointers for students trying to manage their time and get through December in one piece.

It’s really important to start planning early. Now is the perfect time for that because November is reaching its end and final assignments are wrapping up. Something I always do to avoid a mental breakdown is craft a schedule. When all exam dates are laid out in front of you, you can easily see and plan what days will be dedicated to study what subjects. I know professors tell you to study a little bit throughout the semester so that when exam season comes along you wont be stressing, but realistically no one does that. So manage your time and plan when each subject will be completed. For example, if your English exam is on Friday and you have eight subjects to cover, plan to complete two subjects a day until finished.

But you want to be careful not to pack too much into your day or else you’ll end up feeling super overwhelmed and completely defeat the point of planning. I can remember in first year I put off studying for too long and had to cram the day before. Needless to say the final didn’t go very well… So manage your time wisely and the exam period will be a breeze!

And most importantly, remember to TREAT YOURSELF! After a long day of studying indulge in a yummy snack or a glass of wine because you just worked your butt off! And to finish off the semester, definitely celebrate the end of exam season with some friends while you relax and prepare for next semester.

If you’re interested in more tips about time management check out Planet of Success’ post!


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  1. FitMess says:

    WOwwwwwwwwww love the suggestion about wine 10/10


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